Percentage Allocation Money Management

PAMM are managed account services, the most popular system to automate trading. PAMM means that allocation of transaction volumes between all the investors is proportional and usually based on the investor’s balance or equity.

Benefits of PAMM:

  • The opportunity to use their experience and knowledge to generate higher income.
  • Your trading results are showcased on MICFX website giving you visibility to gain unlimited number of followers, which in turn gives you the chance to expand your portfolio further.
  • Trade is conducted on one trading account without complicated accounting system.
  • Easy control over all investment sizes. You don't need to perform any complicated profit calculations for your investors - our PAMM Program percentage allocation method will do it for you.


Multi-Account Management

MAM solution (Multi-Account Management) is a derivative of the PAMM system. MAM integrates into your MT4 that allows money managers to place orders in bulk, in an unlimited number of accounts. Our MAM account makes it easy for money managers to execute block trades across an unlimited number of client sub-accounts.

Benefits of MAM:

  • Multiple allocation types, including balance, lot, percentage and equity
  • Expert Advisors (EA) allowed
  • Unlimited number of sub-accounts
  • Diverse product range
  • Utilise all MT4 order types: stops, limits, trailing stops, close all, etc.


PAMMs and MAMs

Also known as copy trading due to actual copying of signals. Our Social PAMMs and MAMs allows clients to evaluate the performance of the strategies. Our Social PAMMs page allows to evaluate the performance of the strategies published by hundreds of Traders and invest in their PAMMs.

See below the list of the public PAMMs available and click to view their detailed statistics:

Scalping King -0.13 2.32 74.29 29.45 Jun 2020 Invest Now
Godzilla 1.11 4.98 51.11 48.12 Jan 2020 Invest Now
Hedge Capital 0.59 -1.17 49.19 5.73 Apr 2019 Invest Now
Mr King -0.27 0.98 41.01 24.72 Aug 2020 Invest Now
Michael Low -2.66 -5.32 36.77 12.50 Mar 2020 Invest Now
Wall Street Trader 2.01 9.66 32.56 28.47 Oct 2019 Invest Now
Star Lights 0.51 12.39 30.09 31.16 Dec 2019 Invest Now
Mogan -1.01 -2.22 28.33 8.29 Apr 2020 Invest Now
MACD Strategy -0.76 -7.51 24.99 20.11 May 2020 Invest Now
Fun Shop 0.86 -11.97 10.33 4.22 Jun 2020 Invest Now